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21 Aug 2017

African Safaris are world famous for exclusive animal reserves and as such. It is almost impossible to choose one in the list of African Safari Countries. Nevertheless, it can’t be denied that Tanzania Safari Tours are most demanded and sought after. There are many reasons why Tanzania is held in such high esteem. It’s just not for exclusive animal reserves and impeccable geography, Tanzania has more than it can shake it up. Let’s gloss over these particulars in detail.

Tanzania is a safari paradise. Nevertheless, don’t mistake Tanzania as only a safari destination. Tanzania Safari Tours don’t just glimpse on its abundant and rich wildlife but also on its game reserves, natural landscapes, lakes, safari activities, mountaineering, hiking, cultural experiences and beach retreats etc. Not that other African Countries held any less impact on safari experiences. To pinpoint and explain what makes Tanzania stand out and why it makes such profound impression on African Tourism, we can list those wonders and brief them.

The top 6 attractions of Tanzania that makes Tanzania Safari Tours exceptional and exciting are:

1.   SERENGETI NATIONAL PARK: Known for Wildebeest migration, Serengeti provides exceptional game viewing opportunities.

2.   RUAHA NATIONAL PARK: Apart from Usangu Game Reserves and rich wildlife, it is widely sought for boat safaris.

3.     NGORONGORO CRATER: The volcanic caldera provides home to many wildlife and predators but known for treasured Black Rhinos.

4.    MOUNT KILIMANJARO: The highest mountain of Africa with 5 seasons to the top stands out without being told.

5.    MT. MERU: Next to Kilimanjaro, the mountain is equally thrilling and rewarding on its own.

6.  ZANZIBAR ISLANDS: Being an Island retreat means it boast safaris with recreational activities and water sports.

Apart from these 6 distinctive features of Tanzania, many more exciting and thrilling features make Tanzania unique from other Safari Countries. SAFARI DMC is equipped with making these features broadcast themselves and fill the safaris with exclusivity and mind rendering memories. We understand that after many heart soaring safaris and mind numbing adventures, how important it is to unwind and relax. That’s why Tanzania touches millions of heart.

Fasten your seats and let Tanzania Safari Tours take you on a ride into Africa’s Safari Paradise. Call us now.


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