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6 Sep 2017

Have you even been on a gorilla trekking safari? Most people have no idea that you can get the live sight of gorillas at Rwanda Safaris. Rwanda is an extremely beautiful safari destination with great variety and beauty. It is blessed with a scenic terrain and diverse wildlife that include the world famous mountain gorillas. Thought to number about 300 individuals, the rare mountain gorillas inhabit the Virunga National Park, in the north-west of Rwanda, and are a major attraction among visitors to the country.

When you start for a trip the first fact you need to keep in mind that which is the time to travel to Rwanda. Rwanda Safaris are best to take during the dry season, June to September and December to February when the ground is not slippery. During this period, the vegetation is thin enough to allow better views of the primates. Rwanda safaris offer exciting opportunities to watch the primates as they go on with their daily life. A gorilla trekking adventure finally pays off when you spot a mature gorilla moving leisurely under the bamboo forest canopy. The gorillas look scary because of their gigantic physique - about three times the size of an average person.

When you start, Rwanda Safaris you need to grant permission from African tourists board. A permit is required for gorilla trekking adventures to avoid any kind of ill-fated situations. The vast forest of Rwanda does not hold only the sights of gorillas but also the wildlife including elephant, buffalo, hippo, and crocodile as well as over 500 bird species is present here. Here Akagera National Park is home to a huge population of Nyungwe Forest in southern Rwanda is popular for its large crowd of primates including chimpanzee and colobus monkey. The Mountains, Beaches, Lakes of Rwanda added more points to its safari destination. These are the only reason of huge tourist in all season of a year.

When why are you waiting for? Just open your browser and book your trip with us. We SAFARI DMC is an inbound Tour Operator of East Africa, we are a one stop shop for providing trip towards Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and Tanzania. We are a famous organization for greeting our tourist's amazing safari sights, which make them, feel like goose bumps. We have a number of trained as well as experienced travel guides-cum-driver. They are here to take care of your small to big desires about your safari trip.

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